The Galleries

The Lyceum Theatre Lobby contains two beautiful gallery spaces that are free and open to the public during San Diego REP regular business hours and to REP audiences surrounding all performances. From August-May the REP produces six plays. The gallery exhibits change with each play, featuring exhibitions inspired by or connected to themes of each play, creating an immersive environment in which audience members are encouraged to make more intimate connections to the works onstage. The REP also produces a Jewish Arts Festival every summer in which we showcase Jewish artwork and work by Jewish visual artists. 

The galleries build on the REP’s mission to promote an interconnected community and to celebrate voices of our region. They make the Lyceum experience a unique opportunity to take in a wealth of art, culture and expression in one location in the heart of downtown. 

The REP’s regular business hours are 12PM - 6PM, Monday-Sunday, except holidays. During regular business hours, please stop by the REP Box Office window for free admittance. On days where there are evening performances, non-ticket holders are welcome to view the lobby galleries up to the performance start time, but only those with performance tickets will be admitted into the theatres.

Lyceum Upper Lobby

Beauty in Words and Forms

On view: March 5-29, 2020

Gallery Opening Reception: Saturday, March 7, 2020 from 6PM-8PM

This Upper Lobby Gallery exhibit was assembled to accompany ‘House of Joy’, which takes place in the Mughal period in the Indo-Pak subcontinent.  Artist Zulfiqar Rashid wanted to create a body of work that was inspired by Eastern artistic sensibilities. 

Art in the East has taken many forms through the ages, depending on the region, and the era in history.  The beautiful forms of calligraphies are an expression of the devoutness of the countless artists who formalized the Arabic, Ottoman and Persian scripts, including Kufic, Nakhsh, and Nasta’liq, which since then have evolved into modern and abstract forms.  Thousands of gifted artists across the world create dazzling works of arts incorporating new media and styles.  In the intricate patterns adorning the buildings and artifices across the Eastern world, from Turkey to Persia, to India and Pakistan, one can see the mathematical formulas expressed in the form of art.  During the Mughal Empire, the symmetrical architecture and precise design work gave the world masterpieces like the Taj Mahal and the Sheesh Mahal.

The pieces that are part of this exhibit were influenced by this extraordinary artistic history and heritage.  The calligraphic pieces are inspired by the formal Arabic scripts, and incorporate detailed design work that is representative of the Mughal period.  In all of the pieces, the forms, curves and shapes are designed to create a memorable, lasting effect on the eye and the spirit.

Lyceum Lower Gallery

Best Friends

On view: March 5-29, 2020

Gallery Opening Reception: Saturday, March 7, 2020 from 6PM-8PM

For this eclectic Lower Gallery exhibit, Thao Huynh and Kolten French, the artist-duo behind Mindful Murals, bring a mixed media exhibit of individual paintings and carvings with inspiration points echoing themes and energy that can be found in House of Joy. To them, the title suggests that ideas, people or even styles of art that contrast each other can still fit well together.  Both artists are driven by a mission to create social change and joy for the world through art.

Huynh’s paintings, drawing on training in traditional painting and figurative drawing, combined with a resistance to being ‘boxed in’ provide viewers an opportunity to open their minds and imaginations. Some works are whimsical and free flowing while others are laborious and have taken months to produce. Her concepts show there is beauty in everything, even in abysmal and ambiguous things leaving room for interpretation--allowing the viewer to form their own meaning.

French’s body of work, focused on things that bring him joy, consists primarily of carvings made from single blocks of Linoleum. Linocut prints, which require immense concentration and patience, are often labeled “suicide prints” as one wrong cut can ruin your piece. For this exhibit, French has carried the tone of his carvings further into illustrations and paintings.



The REP is currently accepting exhibit proposal submissions for our 2020-2021 season! Please read through the information below, and click HERE for a full description of exhibit options and to submit a proposal for consideration. Any questions can be directed to the REP's Audience Engagement Curator at [email protected].  

General Gallery Information for Artists

The mission of the Lyceum Gallery echoes the mission of San Diego Repertory Theatre – to promote an interconnected community through works that nourish progressive political and social values and celebrate the multiple voices of our region. While the gallery spaces can be a destination-draw on their own, their presence in the Lyceum Theatre lobby makes visiting a one-of-a-kind opportunity for audiences and viewers to take in a wealth of art, culture and expression in one location. The gallery is open to the public from 12pm-6pm daily, except holidays, and to theatre goers before and after any performance.

There are two gallery spaces – an Upper and Lower Gallery. The Upper Lobby Gallery can accommodate between 15-20 pieces and the Lower Lobby Gallery between 20-25 pieces. Artists can submit proposals for one or both galleries. Factors in selecting artists, in addition to those explained under the exhibit options HERE, are quality of artwork, costs, special requirements and requests associated with proposed exhibition, and compatibility with our hanging system.
San Diego Repertory Theatre does not operate a traditional art gallery or museum. We do not have a gift shop or the ability to sell merchandise. We do not have a gallery staff and do not provide a presence in the gallery spaces during open hours. Artists may choose to price and sell their work, which is subject to sales tax and a Lyceum Theatre commission of 20%. Any sales are handled by the REP’s Front of House Staff and Business Office.

Our art hanging system is a hook and cable system that is conducive to displaying framed works and other pieces that have picture hanging wire installed on it. Due to space and safety restrictions, we cannot exhibit sculptural work. All artwork must be prepped for installation by the artist prior to its delivery to The REP, and artists are responsible for their own transportation and installations of artwork.

If an artist’s proposal is selected, the curator will reach out via email with information. Please do not follow up by phone or email to check on the status of applications. We receive many inquiries about exhibiting at The REP and can only show a limited number of exhibitions per season. If an application is not accepted for the upcoming season, you may reapply the following season. San Diego Repertory Theatre reserves the right to cancel or postpone any exhibitions should unforeseen conditions or situations arise. If you would like to view the full gallery policy document ahead of submitting a proposal, please email [email protected].

Interested exhibitors must fill out an application, available here. If an artist’s proposal is selected, the curator will reach out via email with information. Please do not follow up by phone or email to check on the status of applications. We receive many inquiries about exhibiting at The REP and only show a limited number of exhibitions per season. If an application is not accepted for the upcoming season, you may reapply the following season.


Q. What is the mission of the gallery and how are artists selected?

A. San Diego Repertory Theatre showcases visual art that supports our company’s mission. We seek to feature exhibitions that provide diverse perspectives, cultures and subject matter, as well as artwork of a high caliber. Artists are selected from applications and proposals from artists whose work reflects the theatre’s mission and, if applicable, has an appropriate tie-in with the production.

Q. What kind of art does The REP display?

A. At this time, The REP is able to display two-dimensional artwork that is compatible with our hook and cable system. This typically means canvases and framed pieces, but occasionally there are other formats that are compatible. These will be evaluated by the Curator before a proposal is accepted.

Q. What is the cost to an artist to exhibit at The REP?

A. We do not charge artists to exhibit in our gallery spaces. However, artists are entirely responsible for all costs associated with the creation of their art as well as its transportation.

Q. Can I sell my art?

A. If an artist would like to offer their artwork for sale during the time of the exhibition, The REP will handle the sale of purchased work and will take a 20% commission of the pre-tax purchase price.

Q. When can I submit materials in application for an exhibition at The REP?

A. Applications and proposals for exhibits are accepted on a rolling basis. However, we do not announce our season productions until the spring and will not make selections until early summer.

Q. Will people see my art hanging in a theatre lobby?

A. Absolutely! The Lyceum Theatres attract thousands of art-loving patrons year round. With two active stages and performances from many different performing arts organizations, there is heavy foot traffic through our upper and lower lobbies.

Q. What happens if my proposal is selected for an exhibit at The REP?

A. If a proposal is selected, the Curator will be in touch via email to set up time for the exhibitor to come view the gallery space that they were selected for. The Curator will provide an Artist Agreement to the exhibitor that must be reviewed and signed by the exhibitor.

Q. What are the logistics around installing artwork at The REP?

A. Exhibitors are entirely responsible for transporting and hanging their artwork. All artwork must be hung on our gallery hanging track system, no exceptions. This means that all artwork must have hanging wire on the back of it. We recommend that exhibitors bring people to help load-in and load-out their work. Most installations take a couple of hours to install and can easily be completed in an afternoon. After the exhibit, the exhibitor is responsible for leaving the gallery in the state they found it. Installation and deinstallation dates will be assigned by the Curator well in advance and must be adhered to.

Q. Can I have a gallery reception?

A. We encourage artists and exhibiting groups to host an opening reception for their exhibition during the first week of previews. Dates must be selected and approved ahead of time to fit the events schedule. This event will be listed as one of the Engagement Events that happens in concurrence with the play on stage.

Q. What publicity will The REP offer?

A. As long as the artist provides the required information to the Curator by the assigned deadlines, a description of the exhibition and information about the gallery opening event will be featured in the Engagement Event brochure. This brochure is mailed to approximately 20-30,000 households for each REP production and is featured on The REP’s website. The REP will also create a Facebook event for the gallery opening event that the exhibitor will be invited to “co-host” and share themselves. Additionally, artists are welcome to create their own fliers, advertisements and social media welcoming friends, family, and their own following to see the exhibit during the run of the production.

Q. When can people see my exhibit?

A. The public is welcome to view the galleries during The REP’s regular business hours, 12PM – 6PM Monday through Sunday, except holidays. On days where there are performances in the evening, the public is welcome to view the lobby galleries during the time pre-show, but only those with performance tickets will be admitted into the theatres.

Q. Who can I direct questions to regarding the Lyceum galleries?

A. If you have questions about the gallery not answered in these FAQs or other gallery information, please email or call our Audience Engagement Curator at [email protected] or (619)231-3586.

Gallery Hours:

12PM - 6 PM Monday - Sunday, except holidays
(Please stop by the REP Box Office window for free admittance)

Before all evening performances
(Non-ticket holders will be allowed into galleries but not theatres)


Interested in exhibiting?

The REP is always looking for local artists and arts organizations interested in partnering with us to exhibit visual art that encourages dialogue and engagement around the REP mission or the themes of the plays on our stages. Please read the section titled “For Artists and Arts Organizations” for more information and to fill out an online application.